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new 1" priority flow control valve

New 1" BSP priority flow control valve (double hammer valve ) 

HITACHI ZX 130-5B two pump flow circuit for flail mower head
Latest project completed by N D Mechanical services ltd for John White Holderness, two pump flow priority circuit for flail mower head ,a major problem with fitting mulching or flail mower heads to excavators is caused by a lack of oil flow to the mulching head when using other machine functions ,by using the new 1" double hammer flow control valve fitted into pump feed lines and taking a balanced flow from each pump the customer can now run the mulching head at it maximum speed with no slow down when using other machine functions giving the ability to mulch and track or mulch and slew at the same time , added to this is a latching foot pedal electrical system allowing the operator to press once to start the mulching operation leaving the drivers hands and feet to control the mulching operation .